LIGO Celebration in Riga Old Town

Irina covered more of the cultural background and put it a little more elegantly than myself


BonfireMattand I are currently in Riga, Latvia and last night we went to a LĪGO celebration in Riga Old Town. I though I’d write a quick post about it for anyone who happens to be in this beautiful city on or around 23rd of June and wants to participate in the celebration and mix in with the locals.

LIGO is a summer solstice festival that has been celebrated by Latvians for hundreds of years and is one of the most important celebrations every year anticipated by many people. Traditional celebration includes singing Latvian folk songs, dancing around a bonfire and women wearing flower wreaths while men wear oak leaf wreaths instead.

I’m originally from Riga, born and raised, but haven’t lived here for 10 years now so this was my first time celebrating in a while. Since the holiday lasts for several days, people tend to buy lots of…

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