List of Billionaires that have invested in Bitcoin

Over the years, when the topic of Bitcoin has come up, I’ve had over a half dozen people say to me “if bitcoin was such a good investment, then why aren’t billionaires investing in it?”, when people have stated this question, it’s always been with a tone of smugness and they weren’t actually asking a question, but trying rather to sound so smart that they don’t need to learn anything…lol.

I know this because when ever I would respond “Multiple billionaires have, would you like me to list some?” I would always get a smug look and no response.
So anyway, I had someone mention this yesterday and now I was just sitting here thinking to my self “who off the top of my head can I actually name?”.

I’m sure there is many more than I can think of, not everyone is public with their investments, but anyway, here goes.

The below have all invested into the Bitcoin space, either directly holding bitcoin, or holding shares in Bitcoin companies. All are Billionaires in $AUD, several are multiple billionaires.

  • Richard BransonVirgin
  • Tim DraperVC – early investor in Hotmail and Skype, bought thousands of Silk Road bitcoins at a US government auction.
  • Marc AndreessenFounded netscape, today is a VC, early investor in Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Jawbone, AirBnB and many more.
  • Mark Cuban – Investor, author, television personality.
  • Mike Cannon-BrookesAtlassian Australia
  • Bill Grossbond manager
  • Mike Novogratzhedge fund investor
  • Thaksin Shinawatrabusinessman and former Prime Minister of Thailand.
  • Satoshi NakamotoNo one knows the true identity of the creator of bitcoin, but he is estimated to own 1.1 million bitcoins and has never sold one, today’s value is close to $3 billion AUD.

There is quite a few more who may very well be billionaires but if not, are certainly close to it and control VC funds with assets worth tens of billions of dollars.


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