Travel Books

Let technology work for you.

Never travel without a Kindle, they’re cheap,Amazon Kindle have brilliant battery life, will save you a ton of money on books, take up very little room and most importantly can be updated automatically when ever the author spots a mistake in the book and fixes it.

If you travel with traditional paper travel guide books and a book has an error in it, eg the once a day 3pm bus you plan to catch now leaves at 11am, then you’re stuffed.

Below is a list of some books I’ve found either inspirational or containing useful tips.

  • The 4 Hour Work Week – as with all Tim Ferris books, it’s 85% nonsense and 15% great information, how you apply the 15% will depend on how smart you are.
  • Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel – this book offers a lot of great information, the title basically explains it’s self.
  • The $100 Startup – This is a great book for a rainy day on your trip, this will help give you some ideas to create passive income, allowing you to travel much more often.
  • The Rich, the Poor & the Foolish – If you’re someone who travels until your money runs out, returns to the grind stone to make just enough money to travel again, then repeats this cycle, then this book is for you, it costs roughly $3 and consists of 30 pages, I recommend it to anyone who mentions the word “loan” or phrases like “I’m thinking of investing” , “I wish I had more money”, “I’m always broke”, “X has so much money, X is so lucky” etc.

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