Mongolian Trip Expense Report

Here is the cost of our recent trip from Irkutsk Russia to Ulan Bator Mongolia. I post this a day after I posted my Russian Trip Expense Report, which was my most popular post yet, looks like people are more interested in how much something costs, rather than hearing about how good/bad something is, so here goes.Mongolia

Note: these prices are the total for 2 people, doing this trip solo would cost exactly half the price.

Mongolian Trip Expenses

  • Visas £0
  • Train £218
  • Accommodation £37
  • Food and other £60

Total £315
Per person £157.5
Cost per day (per person) £31.5

The “other” in “Food and other” applies to anything from Tooth paste, to insect repellent.

The train into Mongolia consisted of 2 nights accommodation on the train, in a follow up post I’ll include the cost of the train from Mongolia to China

Fact: Vegetables and fruit are practically unheard of in Mongolia, if you’re a vegetarian don’t think “meh, like I care, I’ll simply eat plain rice”, rice isn’t meat!, so therefore it’s unheard of.


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