Where accepts Bitcoin in Amsterdam

Where is Bitcoin accepted in Amsterdam?

This weekend I’ll be out of office again, I’m visiting Amsterdam, one of the more free and liberal cities that I’ve been to, a city where you’re treated like an adult, providing of course you act like an adult.

Amsterdam shrooms

January 2014

It’ll be my sixth visit to Amsterdam and my first trip where I plan to live off only what I can buy with Bitcoin. I’ve done some research and it looks as though food, drinks, accommodation and Magic Mushrooms (truffles) won’t be a problem, however the more *Amsterdam* style coffee shops don’t accept it, I can also get a cut throat shave too.

The one problem I find with Bitcoin is finding a single useful resource of places that accept it, there is coin map, but it seems to be missing most of the businesses that I’ve found listed elsewhere, what I do plan to do is a follow up post of my weekend and hopefully write down a list of Bitcoin accepting places on this blog.

Can anyone recommend a resource better than this reddit page?

As mentioned previously this will be my sixth time, however I’ll be travelling with Rushing Russian this time and it’ll be her first, so I’m keen to show her the best places I’ve found, along with a wonderful introduction to Psilocybin, this molecule truly changed my life for the better.

I’ll leave it at this for now, be sure to check back in another week, I’ll also upload photos to my Instagram account so please follow for some fun snaps.


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