Welcome to the top – Iceland 2006

It was late at night as I got into a taxi in Reykjavik, the world’s most northern capital city. “Where are you from?” the driver said, “Australia” I replied, “ohh welcome to the top!”. This was my first solo trip in Europe, having moved to England several months earlier.

Iceland’s economy was booming, I counted 40+ construction cranes in a city of 200,000 people, it was 2006, the financial crisis hadn’t hit yet, a beer at the time cost me $3 in Australia, here it was costing me $12.50.

What got me thinking of a trip that is now 9 years ago? reminiscing over old videos, I’m leaving the UK one week from today, I had originally planned to come for just a year…. what the taxi driver said that night will be forever etched into my memory, as that was the moment I realised just how far I was from home and how wonderful and big this planet is.

Anyway below is the video of my Iceland trip, the taxi driver isn’t in it, excuse the low light, digital cameras have come along way in 9 years.

A weekend in Amsterdam

I thought I’d write up this quick post to recommend a tour we done on a recent trip to Amsterdam, the tour is the Amsterdam Candlelight Cruise.

Although the 2 hour cruise was 37.50 euro each I consider it very good value for a city where a beer can cost 7.50. For our euros not only did we get a lovely 2 hour night cruise through the canals and some lovely cheese we also got unlimited wine, and when I say unlimited, yes it was unlimited, our glass was never empty and was continually topped up for the 2 hours.

Alien Amsterdam

Irina and our favourite Alien

We shared a table with another couple who kept to themselves and had their own cheese board, the view of Amsterdam out of the windows and glass canopy at night was stunning, the only con was the candles weren’t real candles but rather little flickering lights designed to look like candles, I’m guessing this is for safety reasons.

If you’re an alcohol drinker looking for a night out without paying 7.50 a drink all night, then I highly recommend starting your night out with this tour.

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